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About this treatment

The removal of unwanted or excess hair from the surface of the skin.

6 benefits of Body Waxing

  • Gives the skin a smooth and clean look
  • Prevents keloids from forming
  • Enhances the appearance of the part waxed
  • Gives the skin an even tone and surface
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Helps opens a blocked hair follicle

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Professional Service

At TouchSense Spa we are committed to our customers and we offer the best services with the highest quality.

Legs waxing
GH₵ 250
Waxing arms
GH₵ 150
Eyebrows waxing
GH₵ 45
Braxilian wax
GH₵ 250
Bikini wax
GH₵ 100
Under arms waxing
GH₵ 70
Chin wax
GH₵ 70
Chest wax
GH₵ 350
Bum wax
GH₵ 200

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